Top 10 Food Safety and Testing Services Companies - 2022

Food Safety and Testing Services Companies - 2022

\\\\ Top Food Safety and Testing Services Companies \\\\

\\\\\\\\ Top Food Safety and Testing Services Companies \\\\\\\\

  • PURE Bioscience, Inc.

    PURE Bioscience, Inc. focuses on developing and commercializing proprietary antimicrobial products that offer solutions to the health and environmental challenges raised by pathogens. With a significant presence in the food safety landscape, it has pioneered products containing Silver Dihydrogen Citrate

    PURE Bioscience is the holder of the intellectual property and the patents for SDC. We are the only manufacturer and distributor of this molecule

    John Kasperski, Vice President, Sales

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • World Class Consulting

    World Class Consulting (WCC) is a leading player in the field of food safety compliance. Backed by a team of consultants with 50 years of combined experience in multiple layers within federal, state, or local regulatory compliance agencies, it focuses on developing efficient HACCP plans

    Whether it is an initial HACCP plan or ongoing food safety compliance programs, we believe our clients deserve access to the best available resources in the industry, and we are here to help them with that

    Rick Ganz, CIO and Danielle Dutreix, CEO

    Baltimore, MD
  • AGQ Labs USA

    AGQ Labs is a food testing laboratory providing various food contamination services. Several legal and industrial regulations in the food sector require farmers & food producers to collaborate with a food testing laboratory

  • Certified Laboratories

    Certified Laboratories is a privately held, independent laboratory with four nationally known locations in New York, Illinois, Southern California, and Northern California. Each of these laboratories has established its area of specialization and is a recognized leader in the field of food analysis, serving a diverse range of clients ranging from mom-and-pop businesses to major, well-known food firms and the FDA

  • EnviroLogix

    EnviroLogix has spent over 20 years creating unique testing solutions for a wide range of demands, including the quick detection of GMO characteristics in seed, maize, soybeans, other crops, in-process foods, mycotoxins in grain, foodborne pathogens, and environmental applications

  • Food Safety Net Services

    Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) is committed to providing our customers with exceptional testing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In 1994, John and Gina Bellinger founded FSNS with two goals: to surpass client expectations and offer speedy and timely outcomes. FSNS continues to strategically extend our countrywide services for food safety, consumer goods, and nutraceutical industries with this customer-focused cornerstone

  • IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

    Dalia Alfi and Mansour Samadpour launched IEH in 2001. It's a family-owned and controlled business that has developed significantly organically and via acquisitions since 2001. Its team of scientists, laboratory analyzers, food safety specialists, consultants, and support personnel are dedicated to its success

  • Intertek Alchemy

    Intertek Alchemy is a global pioneer in creative solutions that assist businesses with service- and labor-oriented workforces in engaging with their employees. Alchemy's award-winning training, coaching, and engagement programs decrease occupational injuries, protect food and products, and boost productivity

  • Microbac Laboratories

    Microbac Laboratories is continually searching for methods to provide customers and their company with outstanding knowledge and respect for particular market requirements. Its comprehensive work portfolio comprises analytical solutions and tested insights across environmental, food, and life science areas. It delivers solutions customers can trust after 50 years of developing their art

  • RL Foods Testing Laboratory

    RL Food Testing Laboratory is delighted to assist businesses with all food labeling and laboratory requirements. They are passionate about food and are happy to be a part of the client's achievements. For Food Manufacturers, Retail and Food Services, Farmers and Growers, Dietary Supplements, Importers & Exporters, and Pet foods and Treats, they offer certified food safety testing