Featured Vendors April-June - 2022

Featured Vendors April-June - 2022

\\\\ Featured Vendors April-June \\\\

\\\\\\\\ Featured Vendors April-June \\\\\\\\

  • 3Advance

    3Advance is a top-rated app development agency offering food ordering and delivery tech for innovators who see the future. Headquartered in Washington DC, 3Advance helps startups, non-profits and other businesses turn great ideas into beautiful, simple mobile and desktop apps. A tight-knit development agency that creates top-notch food ordering and delivery mobile apps and data-management applications, the company works closely with business owners in every phase of product development, from prototyping through final release. 3Advance’s on-demand, elite team of professionals is keen to help clients develop user-focused apps at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated internal team

    In addition to creating a better dining experience, our user-friendly apps and technology help our restaurant clients save time, increase profits, and improve retention

    Paul Murphy, CEO

    Washington DC
  • PDQ Signature Systems

    Founded in 1986, PDQ Signature Systems is a market leader as a POS solution provider to quick service restaurants, pizzerias, bars and fine dining establishments throughout the US and Canada. Their POS system is so holistic in nature that their PDQ POS is integrated in a package with PDQ Security, a comprehensive, compliant and cost-effective cyber-security platform that helps protect a client's entire environment from data breaches and cyber-threats. Apart from providing POS software, it always offers a wide array of POS hardware products such as POS Tablets ,Self-Serve Kiosks, Drive-Thru Kiosks, Customer-Facing Video Display Units and many more

    Our ability to create seamless solutions that guarantees customer success, has allowed us to significantly grow our market presence each year

    John White, EVP and CTO

    Warminster, PA
  • RoomOrders

    With a mission to digitalize hotel ecosystems and boost revenue through F&B operations, RoomOrders has introduced a web-based application that allows guests to order food and beverage seamlessly and utilize a hotel’s on premise facilities like poolside deckchairs, rooftop bars as well as surrounding cafes, and eateries, using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. RoomOrders brings hospitality into the “Low Touch Economy” by providing customers with a cloud-based menu and digitalizing orders and payments of goods and services. This not only drives revenue growth for hotels but also improves the customer experience.

    We provide hotels, restaurants, and resorts with an easy and visually appealing way to digitalize their services

    Eugene Jones, CEO

    Newark, DE
  • WaitBusters

    A FOH, food ordering and delivery technology solution provider, WaitBusters helps restaurants transition from third-party delivery apps to their own proprietary platforms. WaitBusters facilitates this transition by helping restaurants establish a prominent online presence through a number of different services. Some of them include a robust application Delivery-as-a-Service (DAAS) that allows restaurants to eliminate the process of hiring an external delivery partner, and a Bring-your-own-Driver (BYOD) service model whereby restaurants can hire their own drivers. WaitBusters also offers an omnichannel marketing experience, allowing customers of restaurants to order food through web, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon Alexa, besides just their proprietary platform

    We have ensured a person sitting on a beach can have food delivered to them without moving a muscle

    Shane Gau, EVP and CPO

    Reston, VA